'Body Of Art' is an art project that is raising funds for Cancer Research.
Tattooed celebrities, tattoo artists, sports personalities and inspirational figures in the public eye are asked to pose for a portrait in the Body of Art Style. The works of art created are life size photographic sculptures that will be exhibited before being auctioned to raise funds for Cancer Research.

Fine Art, archival paper, limited edition prints from the project are available here.

Also available Posters, Canvases and T shirts.

Updates and more at Body Of Art Facebook.

All Images © John Kelly 2013 www.johnkellyvisuals.com

Permission is granted to share images via social networks but please quote the project. Thanks.

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Margaret Cho
Dave Virago
Stitch D
Chris Adler
Mark Yates
Lee Lewis
Corey Taylor
Burton C Bell
Barry Kerch
Danny Leal
Melanie C
Raul Meireles
James Ellington